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Are you there, wondering which road you should take?

All of us at many points in our lives come to the "fork in the road". A place where one must choose the direction our life will go. Sometimes it takes a natural progression such as graduating high school and going to college, trade school, or joining the workforce. Many decisions follow a pattern and flow naturally in the scheme of life. But when your world is turned upside down and you feel like you have no footing, deciding which road to take becomes much more difficult. Sometimes circumstances will dictate what is next even though you're unsure. Many times we do what is expected is expected even though it is not what we want. Other times we don't know what we want and to make a choice when we are not ready.

We never know what lays ahead and we never know the outcome. The "fork in the road" can have different meanings - it's basically one's perspective. I see these two roads as; the road to playing it safe which in reality is to LIVE IN FEAR and the road to going for what you really want - NOT BEING SCARED.

Playing it safe means settling for less than what you deserve and going for what you really want means taking a chance on yourself to be able to accomplish what you desire and the life you want.

One can view it this way: are you going to let life live you (live in fear) or are you going to live life (take a chance on yourself).

Whichever road you choose, it will come with good and bad consequences because every decision we make has two sides. There are no guarantees.

How do you want to live the one life you have?

July 25, 2019

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